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The Sports and Fitness People offer a variety of sporting services including swim lessons, SwimSanity aerobic fitness, yoga and personal training classes.

We believe to be able to swim well is a life skill, a skill that is never too late to learn. The Sports and Fitness People have been offering swim lessons to children and adults since 2011. Our classes run from as young as 6 months, moving to our Learn To Swim programme, stroke development and competitive strokes. 

Our instructors pride themselves on delivering well planned, structured lessons whilst ensuring the children are having fun. 

SwimSanity, developed in London- delivers a high intensity aerobic and conditioning workout class. The workout utilizes inter-changable drills- giving participants an effective, mixed ability, aqua-fitness experience every time!

The Yoganescence practice offers a mindful approach to becoming one’s true self through yoga. Teaching Hatha Yoga with an influence of Ashtanga, your instructor will guide you through the motions to establish peace and harmony both physically, mentally and emotionally – within oneself and the universe. 

With our personal trainers, you can choose from either one-on-one training, or participate in a Bootcamp style of workout. Either way, it's lots of fun and you will get to train with a highly motivated, friendly and energetic group and this is perhaps the best part of the sessions, as in the end it is your fellow trainees who push you through the classes and to the next level and keep you coming back. The other great thing about these classes is that it is super time efficient. You will burn upward of 700 calories in one hour.


Tracey Pickford

My name is Tracey, I’m from the UK and have been living in Singapore since 2007.

Swimming and fitness have always been a part of my life.  My parents ensured I could swim from a young age. I was involved in competitive club swimming as a child and young teenager, synchronized swimming in my late teens and early twenties and more recently triathlon and open water distance swimming, as well as SwimSanity.

I have always believed that learning to swim at a young age is so important and it’s incredibly rewarding, as an instructor, to be able to watch the kid’s confidence and ability grow. It’s not just about swimming well, but being safe in the water. 


It's never too late to learn to swim. Helping adults overcome a fear of the water or teaching someone who is coming to swimming later in life offers great rewards as an instructor too.

Running The Sports and Fitness People has been our passion since 2014. We have seen many clients come through our programs since then and long may it continue!



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Janelle Hicks
Swim Instructor
Linda Wattus

Hi, my name is Linda Wattus and we moved to Singapore for the second time in 2010.

I grew up in Australia and swimming is a part of everyday life. I grew up in a town near the ocean which meant it was important to be a strong swimmer so I could enjoy my weekends at the beach. I swam competitively as a kid and teenager and I have carried the love for swimming into my adult life.

Since living in Singapore and experiencing a condo lifestyle, pools and swimming are a part of all families lives. I feel it is an important life skill to be able to swim and love the fact it is something I can teach another person, whether it is a child or an adult.

I have 3 kids of my own and swimming is a big part of our lives here in Singapore. One rule in our house is if the kids want to swim and enjoy the pools with their friends, then they need to be strong swimmers and need to be competent in the water.
The kids I teach always put a smile on my face and everyone tries their hardest which is all anyone can ask. I love it!

Jenny Boyce
Swim Instructor
Valerie Vijayan
Swim Instructor
Elodie Giorgis
Yoga Instructor
Liyi Ho
Swim Instructor/Personal Trainer
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