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If you are serious about achieving your ultimate fitness goals and you truly desire a hard, defined and lean body and to be full of energy and strength – then welcome to The Sport and Fitness People personal training and bootcamps.

Our sessions will test you and push you through fitness barriers you didn’t think you would ever break. “If it doesn't challenge you then it doesn't change you.“
If you do our classes consistently, results are guaranteed. You will move your body in ways it has never experienced and discover muscles you didn’t know existed. Our sessions bring enormous variation to every session including the latest techniques from resistance training, plyometrics, stair climbing, body-weight exercises and Olympic style sprint and strength training – you will do it all.

You can choose from either one-on-one training, or participate in a Bootcamp style of workout. Either way, it's lots of fun and you will get to train with a highly motivated, friendly and energetic group and this is perhaps the best part of the sessions, as in the end it is your fellow trainees who push you through the classes and to the next level and keep you coming back. The other great thing about these classes is that it is super time efficient. You will burn upward of 700 calories in one hour.

Whilst our workout will undoubtedly test you, your current fitness level will be measured and respected and we will work you within your own limits and ensure you don’t sustain any injuries. You will however be surprised how quickly those limits expand as your body adjusts to the new work load and the amazing results ou will see within weeks.

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